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Smart mobility services and intelligent infrastructure

Dear NVF members, Baltic Road Association (BRA) as well as friends of transport and mobility, 

On behalf of the chairs of the NVF committees and BRA we are pleased  to inform you on joint NVF seminar on 3-4 April 2019 in Helsinki,  Finland. 

Save the days in your calendar for the two days seminar with a  main topic of Smart Mobility Services and Intelligent Infrastructure

Seminar’s sub-themes have been planned  in collaboration with the NVF  committees. Bridge committee has own sessions during the seminar that form the Annual Bridge Conference 2019, see the description: NBTC Bridge Conference 2019 flyer.pdf

The seminar will be held on 3rd of April in Finlandia Hall in Helsinki. Seminar continues 4th of April with excursions and committee meetings.

Seminar’s official language is English, men vi är glada att höra nordiska språket!

Seminar AgendaNVF_BRA_seminar 2019_program.pdf


  1. Route planner navigation challenge.pdf
  2. Regional mobility platform in action.pdf


  1. Sånghäfte_Seminar_2019_Helsinki.pdf
  2. NVF songs 2010.pdf

Registration by 3.4.2019: https://ssl.eventilla.com/smartmobility/EN


Annual Bridge Conference 2018

NVF's Annual Bridge Conference took place on 6 September 2018.

The program and presentations are uploaded below:


New Technological Trends  – Oliver Riches, Arup

Fatiguing effect of knowing your bridges – Heini Raunio, Liikennevirasto
Automatization of special transports.pptx
– Emilie Dittmer Hartwich,
Danish Road Directorate

Improved bridge structural assessments assisted by digital image Correlation  Jan Winkler, PhD, Chief Specialist, Team Leader. Atkins Global

- Verification of BIM models, Sigmund Reinsborg Log, Vegvesen

 How can bridges be done without drawings and only be built from 3D model?  – Alexander Skjøt Bennedsen and Øystein Ulvestadt, Sweco

The Submerged Floating Tube Bridge The invisible bridge.pptx
 – Arianna
Minoretti, Vegvesen

 Landmark bridges in new metropolis-Case Vietnam  – Antti Kar-jalainen, WSP

Bridges and other main structures in the Slussen project in Stockholm.pptx – Dan Svensson, ELU Konsult

Use of drones for inspection and monitoring of bridges
 – Finn R. Gott-fredsen, Cowi

Lessons learned from 5 years of bridge monitoring in Norway  – Øyvind Wiig Petersen, NTNU

Ramvib  Martin Lollesgaard, Rambøll