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Annual Bridge Conference 2018

NVF's Annual Bridge Conference took place on 6 September 2018.

The program and presentations are uploaded below:


New Technological Trends  – Oliver Riches, Arup

Fatiguing effect of knowing your bridges – Heini Raunio, Liikennevirasto
Automatization of special transports.pptx
– Emilie Dittmer Hartwich,
Danish Road Directorate

Improved bridge structural assessments assisted by digital image Correlation  Jan Winkler, PhD, Chief Specialist, Team Leader. Atkins Global

- Verification of BIM models, Sigmund Reinsborg Log, Vegvesen

 How can bridges be done without drawings and only be built from 3D model?  – Alexander Skjøt Bennedsen and Øystein Ulvestadt, Sweco

The Submerged Floating Tube Bridge The invisible bridge.pptx
 – Arianna
Minoretti, Vegvesen

 Landmark bridges in new metropolis-Case Vietnam  – Antti Kar-jalainen, WSP

Bridges and other main structures in the Slussen project in Stockholm.pptx – Dan Svensson, ELU Konsult

Use of drones for inspection and monitoring of bridges
 – Finn R. Gott-fredsen, Cowi

Lessons learned from 5 years of bridge monitoring in Norway  – Øyvind Wiig Petersen, NTNU

Ramvib  Martin Lollesgaard, Rambøll