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Workshop on Nordic automatic camera enforcement

Take advantage of the possibility to share experiences with Nordic colleagues on Automatic Camera Enforcement. 

Register here: NVF workshop

The Nordic Road Association (NVF) together with the Police and road authority in Finland organizes a workshop on Nordic automatic camera enforcement. The workshop will be held on 3 -4 April 2019 in Helsinki (Scandic Helsinki Aviacongress, near the Helsinki- Vantaa airport).

The program will be updated. If you have comments/input/recommendations regarding the program, please contact Christel Kautiala at Christel.Kautiala (at) Destia.fi.

Proposal for the program:

Wednesday 3.4.2019 History and situation of automatic enforcement in different countries.

12.00            Lunch

13.00            Opening, Jaakko Klang, Traffic Safety Engineer, Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Turku

13.15            Situation of automatic camera enforcement in Finland*, N.N

13.45            Traffic safety cameras in Sweden - a succesful cooperation from the start and in the future, Eva Lundberg, Project Manager Traffic Safety, Swedish Transport Administration and Maria Kleemo Police Inspector, Swedish Police

14.15            Situation of automatic camera enforcement in Norway (section control, streknings ATK?)*, N.N

14.45            Coffee break, snacks 

15.15            Situation of automatic camera enforcement in Denmark*, N.N

15.45            Situation of automatic camera enforcement in Island*, N.N

16.15            Coffee break

16.45            Situation of automatic camera enforcement in Estonia*, N.N? 

17.15            Similarities and differences in different countries, FIN Police

17.30            Discussion

18.00            Close of the day*answers to the questions according to the questionnaire 

Thursday 4.4.2019: Research and the future of automatic enforcement 

9.00              Research and the future, FIN (different countries could have different titles, depending on what they focus on? Someone may have instructions or inquiries ?)

9.20              Evaluation and effects of ATK, Anna Vadeby, VTI, Sweden

9.40              Research and the future (section control= streknings ATK?)*, NOR

10.00            Research and the future, DEN

10.20            Research and the future, ISL

10.40            Coffee break 

11.00            Research and the future, EST?

11.20            What have we learnt from other countries, can we do something together? Discussion.

12.00            Lunch