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Digitization Committee Meeting

750 DKK
Marianne Worm

Registration: Send a mail to mwo@vd.dk (Marianne Worm), after which you will receive a invoice.

The main topic for the meeting in the committee is traffic and asset management. The meeting will take place in Copenhagen the 3-4 October and the participant will get the opportunity to experience the new control tower and seminars in real time traffic data and traffic management, Nordic BIM collaboration and mutual orientations from the countries. The subjects in the mutual orientation: Norway, NPRA: Machine Vision and infrastructure. Finland, a short review on what's new on the FTA's infrastructure modeling and traffic information. Finland, Aleksi Leskinen, Sito: Infrastructure modeling in the intelligent Aurora 10 km test section. Sweden tba. Nordic's National Road Authorities research and development funding in 2018 – presentations and discussion.