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Memorandum of understading between Nordic Road Association and Baltic Road Association

The Memorandum of understanding, made by and between Nordic Road Association (hereinafter referred to as NRA), and Baltic Road Association (hereinafter referred to as BRA), confirms the intention of further co-operation between these two regional road organizations. The present Memorandum is a continuation of the Memorandum, signed in Tampere, Finland, 10 June 1992.


  • the goal of both organizations is the same;
  • the co-operation would promote the development of the road, road traffic and road transport sector in Northern Europe;
  • each side benefits through the information exchange and co-operation between road and traffic professionals; and
  • technical committees from NRA and BRA are ready for regular co-operation.

Hereby both parties agree on the following activities:

1. The NRA and BRA develop the co-operation in the following levels:
Board Level
Technical Committees

2. The co-operation between NRA and BRA covers:
exchange of information and experience pertaining to all activities within NRA and BRA; and
seeking of possibilities for preparation and implementation of bilateral technical projects.

3. NRA and BRA are committed to keep each other informed of activities in other international road and traffic organisations, etc.

4. All joint meetings, seminars and other events will be normally held in one of the NRA and BRA countries. This also includes Meetings at Board Level and Technical Committees.

5. The respective parties settle their own expenses incurred in part-taking in the above arrangements between the NRA and BRA. This includes expenses for transport and accomodation. Other expenses in regard to arranging joint events are to be specified and discussed on each occasion.