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Pavement Design Systems and Pavement Performance Models - agenda


Following are presentations from NVF34 - NordFoU seminar in Reykjavik 22.-23. March 2007

Session 1: General,  Chairmann: Þórir Ingason

1–1  Generalt, Mec. Pavement Design, Sigruður Erlingsson
1–2  Generalt, Pavement Performance Models, Rabbira Saba Garba

Session 2: Flexible Pavement Design, Nordic practice. Chairmann Geir Refsdal

2–1  Flexible Pavement Design, Nordic practice, Gregers Hildebrand
2–2  Flexible Pavement Design, Nordic practice, Tuomo Kallionpaa
2–3  Flexible Pavement Design, Nordic practice, Inge Hoff
2–4  Flexible Pavement Design, Nordic practice, Tomas Winnerholt

Session 3: Flexible Pavement Design. Chairmann Helge Mørk

3–1  Flexible Pavement Design, Lev Khazanovich
3–2  Flexible Pavement Design, Bruce Chadbourn
3–3 Flexible Pavement Design, Andrew Collop

Session 4: Comparison of design systems. Chairmann Ivar Horvli

4–1 Discussion on Design systemns, Ivar Horvli
4–2 Discussion on Design systemns, many - EXAMPLES
4–3 Discussion on Design systemns, Panelist and others

Session 5: Performance Prediction Models from USA. Chairmann Haraldur Sigursteinsson

5–1  Prediction Models using Mn/Pave, Bruce Chadbourn, Minnesota DOT 
5–2  Performance Models in Design Guide 2002, Lev Khazanovich, University of Minnesota
5 –3 A New Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Approach for Florida, 
        Employing New Asphalt Pavement Performance and Materials Models and the Critical Condition Concept
        Björn Birgisson, University of Florida

Session 6: Nordic Performance Prediction Models. Chairmann Leif Bakløkk

6–0 Nordic Performance Prediction Models, Leif Baklökk
6–1 Nordic Performance Prediction Models, Gregers Hildebrand
6–2 Nordic Performance Prediction Models, Taina Rantanen
6–3 Nordic Performance Prediction Models, Inge Hoff
6–4 Nordic Performance Prediction Models, Anders Huvstig

Session7: Other Performance Prediction models. Chairmann Gunnar Bjarnason

7–1 Other Performance Prediction Models, Carl L. Monismith
7–2 Other Performance Prediction Models, Per Ullidtz
7–3 Other Performance Prediction Models, Pierre Hornych

Session 8: Discussion on Performance Models, Chairmann Byron E. Ruth

8–1   Discussion on Performance Models - Introduction, Byron E. Ruth
8–2  The Discussion on Performance Models, Byron E. Ruth