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The Nordic Bridge Prize is conferred for outstanding contributions in the field of
bridge engineering, with special reference to their usefulness to the Nordic countries.

The prize is given every 4th year by the Nordic Road Association (NVF) and its Bridges Technical Committee. The prize is presented in a ceremony in Via Nordica Symposiums.

Rules for the year 2016 prize are here.

2016 The Kirjastosilta Bridge, Turku, Finland. This is a prestressed concrete pedestrian bridge. The bridge creates a new place in a historic landscape and blends discreetly into its prestigious background. It is a result of a design competition in 2010. Design and architecture is by Pontek Oy Consulting Engineers and the Contractor is Kreate. Geotecnincal designs is by Arcus and lighting is by Valoa.









 Previous resipients 


2012 The Ypsilon Bridge, Drammen, Norwary. Award plaque, to be fixed on the bridge, was received by Tove Paule, Deputy Mayor of Drammen. In addition to the plaque, the prize consists a diploma to be given to the project parties.




2008 The Bridge over Thjorsá River, Iceland. Award plaque was received by Einar Hafliðason and is to be fixed on the bridge.





2004 Dr Risto Kiviluoma, Finland. The prize consists of a diploma and a cheque.