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ViaNordica 2012 - Speaker's Corner

The NVF/IKT-movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrSDkhJYHXo


Something is going on at the IKT / ITS exhibition! Come and see ...

YOU can get the attention for your 5 minute presentation!

If you want to give a speech, contact lgp@vd.dk  (more information: HERE)

Wednesday, June 13th:

Time Speaker Subject
 10:40 Lise Gerd Pedersen, Vejdirektoratet, Denmark Why are road data so annoying?
 10:48 Even Myhre, ITS Announcement of the winner of the competition!
 13:20 Björn Öhman & Tobias Thorsson, WSP, Sweden Trängselsskatt i Göteborg
 13:28 (to be announced) (to be announced)
 13:36 (to be announced) (to be announced)
 13:44 (to be announced) (to be announced)


Tuesday, June 12th:

Time Speaker Subject
 13:00 Anders Lintner, Aalborg Kommune, Denmark We can do a lot - but what to do?
 13:08 Trond Hovland, ITS Norway, Norway Samtrans - how to organize implementation of ITS
 13:16 Anders Bak Rasmussen, BLIP systems A/S, Denmark BlipTrack can reduce CO2 emissions - Aarhus is planning to do so!

Ola-Martin Rennemo, SINTEF, Norway

Maintenance of Transport Networks
 15:18 Stefan Myhrberg, Ericsson, Sweden Cars talking to each other - for safety reasons