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Conference 2010

Annual Bridge Conference 2010 is to be held 1-2.9.2010, Oslo, Norway, on theme "Bridges in Service".



Annual Bridge Conference 2010

1-2 September 2010, Oslo, Norway


Bridges in Service




The goal of the coference was to get insight into today's specialist demands of management, maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of existing an new bridges.


  • Opening of the conference, Jørn Arve Hasselø, NVF
  • Introduction, Risto Kiviluoma, NVF

Part 1 Historical bridges, Chair Jørn Arve Hasselø, Norway

  • Protection of historical bridges in Norway, Ingvill Hoftun NPRA, Norway
  • Historical bridges in Iceland, Guðrún Þóra Garðarsdóttir ICERA, Iceland
  • Historical bridges: Gamla Årstabron, Kurt Palmqvist Trafikverket, Sweden

Part 2 Bridges in service, Chair Risto Kiviluoma, Finland

  • Bridge management systems, Lennart Lindblad Trafikverket, Sweden
  • Probabilistic methods for materials/load resistance, Ib Enevoldsen Rambøll, Denmark
  • Use of Probabilistic methods, Rolf M. Larssen Aas Jakobsen, Norway
  • Special inspections of bridges, Carsten Henriksen DRA, Denmark
  • Reinforcement of bridges, Bjørn Taljsten STO Scandinavia Sto Scandinavia/Luleå tekniska universitet, Sweden
  • Bridge parapets, Otto Kleppe NPRA, Norway
  • Results from field test of concrete coatings, Eva Rodum NPRA, Norway

Part 3 New bridges, Chair Morten Wright Hansen, Norway

  • Experiences from bridges in service used to design new bridges, Knut Grefstad NPRA, Norway
  • ETSI (Life Cycle Optimisation project) – Final report, Matti Piispanen, FTA, Finland Otto Kleppe, NPRA, Norway
  • Finnish life-cycle-cost design guideline, Risto Kiviluoma WSP, Finland
  • Challenges in bridge designs and maintenance for future problems, Jens Sandager Jensen COWI, Denmark

The precentations can be found here (one document)


Organizing committee of the conference was:

  • Jørn Arve Hasselø (Chair)
  • Knut Grefstad
  • Morten Wright Hansen
  • Synnøve Adelheid Myren
  • Trond Østmoen