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Future Weights and Dimensions on Heavy Commercial Vehicles

The conference took place during the Lastbil truck fair at Elmia Jönköping. It addressed benefits and consequences of longer and heavier vehicles in the future. The conference was expected to help ithth with the best available information to society's decision makers about the importance and benefits of high capacity vehicles in road transport. The international conference was carried out in cooperation between the Nordic Road Association, NVF Vehicles and Transport and the Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies.

Programme for download

13:00 Longer vehicles to promote energy efficiency and carbon dioxide reduction - Heavy Commercial Vehicles. Mårten JOHANSSON, Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies.
13:10 The costs and benefits of longer and heavier vehicles. Johan ERICSON, VTI.
13:40 In what context should the future of vehicle development continue. Lars STENQVIST, Scania CV.
14.10 Increased weight and dimensions for transport of timber. Lena LARSSON, Volvo.
15.00 Experiences with longer and heavier vehicles in the Netherlands. Marieke HONER, Ministry of Transport, The Netherlands.
15.30 The effects of changes in heavy vehicle weight and dimensions. World Trends in Road Freight Transport. Jörgen CHRISTENSEN, OECD, Denmark.
16:00 Longer vehicles and co-modal solutions to deal with expected transport volumes. Markus HUNKEL, DB Schenker, Germany.
16.30 Discussion with the presenters as well as representatives from the Swedish government and opposition parties. Akko KARLSSON, Miljöpartiet, Oskar ÖHOLM, Moderaterna, Martin Salet, RWS, NL and Helena Kyster Hansen, Tetraplan A/S, Denmark
17.00 Summary and closing. Pelle THÖRNBERG.

Additional slides European Modular System – EMS in Denmark - Use and deployment. Are they here to stay? kindly prepared by Helena Kyster-Hansen, Tetraplan A/S.

All presentations in one file (NB: File size 12 MB)

Read more in Svensk Åkeritidning here and at the website of the Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies.